Melanoma Fund Receives Gift from Purple Promise Foundation


(Article reprinted from The Carolinas HealthCare Foundation)

On November 14, David and Donna Hodgkins presented Richard White, M.D., Asim Amin, M.D., Ph.D., and David Foureau, Ph.D. with a $25,000 check in support of the Carolinas Melanoma and Immunotherapy Fund at Carolinas Medical Center.  The Hodgkins’ gift was made in memory of their daughter, Jessica, who lost her battle with melanoma on April 24, 2008. She was just 30 years old.

Wanting to do something more to help fight this devastating disease, the Hodgkins’ started The Purple Promise Foundation to End Melanoma.  One of the first grants awarded by the foundation was the gift to the Carolinas Melanoma and Immunotherapy Fund in memory of Jessica.  “We promised her we were going to do this,” said Mr. Hodgkins. “Levine Cancer Institute is doing a lot of great things in melanoma treatment and research.  It was an emotional thing for us because we know Jessica is watching.”

The grant from The Purple Promise Foundation will help support laboratory research studying interleukin-2 (IL-2) treatment for melanoma.  IL-2 is one of the only options for treating late stage melanoma and can be a particularly difficult treatment for patients.  The research at Levine Cancer Institute will help identify which patients are most likely to have a positive response to IL-2 treatment before treatment begins.

For more information about The Purple Promise Foundation to End Melanoma please visit their website

For more information on the Carolinas Melanoma and Immunotherapy Fund, please contact Jenny Burke at (704)-355-4048.

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