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The following courtesy compilation of links and resources are provided to help all impacted by or interested in learning more about Melanoma.  We found many of these resources helpful during Jessie's fight and continue to take suggestions as to how to make the compilation better.  If you would like your link added or removed from this listing, email us at

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FDA approval of Yervol 


Skin Cancer

National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention
Skin Cancer Foundation
American Academy of Dermatologists
Carolinas Medical Center

Melanoma Sites

Melanoma Education Foundation
American Melanoma Foundation
Melanoma Foundation New England
Melanoma Research Foundation
Melanoma International Foundation
Shade Foundation of America
NYU’s Melanaoma page -Healthwise material


American Cancer Society
The V Foundation
Cancer Net
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Lance Armstrong Foundation
Center for Disease Control
Karamanos Cancer Institute
Chemotherapy and Beyond- Scott Hamilton’s chemo site
Employment Rights Info from US Equal Employment Opp. Commission
US Dept of Labor -Family Medical Leave Act

Prevention Tools & Resources

UV Calculator
Warning Signs and Photos
Resources for parents and teachers
Revolution health – skin care pictures, risk factors and screening info
Skin cancer screening finder on AAD homepage
Order helpful Cancer publications online from National Cancer Institute’s Publications locator

Patient, Caregiver, Friends and Family Supports Services

The Wellness Community
Stand Up To Cancer – online community for everyone affected by cancer
The Cancer Support Project
Orphans of Cancer Storm
Organizes caregivers
CancerCare is a national nonprofit organization that provides free, professional support services for anyone affected by cancer 
Patient Advocate Foundation
LiveStrong Surivor Care Program
National Coaliion for Cancer Survivorship
People Living with Cancer – info webstie for American Society of Clinical Oncology
Angel Flight America – flights for patients
Nat Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses – free accommodations for families
Caring Bridge online support communities
Free personal private web pages for family and friends to communicate about treatment etc...
Creating virtual caregiving community

Research and Trials

MD Anderson Cancer Center
National Cancer Institute
NYC:  Melanoma Consortium
Noreen O’Neil Foundation for Melanoma Research
Clinical Trials search engine
Clincial Trials search results for Melanoma
NYU Cancer Institute – NYU Langone Medical Center
American Association for Cancer Research
Nat Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

End of Life Services

American Hospice Foundation
Hospice Association of America
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
Medicare – Dept. Of Health and human Services
End of Life Hospice Care info from NYU

Young Cancer Victim Orgs

Saves lives of women in childbirth/pregnancy 
Fertile Hope –org educating cancer patients about fetility issues
30 yr. old Long Island woman
Childhood cancer site 
Skin cancer top cancer among young women in UK 
Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults
Planet Cancer: online community for young adults with cancer 
Jessie’s Obituary…help us make sure no more of these need be written!


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